Crisis Management

The cliché goes that it can take many good deeds over the years to build your reputation but only one bad event to destroy it.

Whether you’re at fault or not, the damage can be devastating. So when cracks appear, it takes skill, influence and a heck of a lot of experience to stop them getting bigger.

You need someone in your corner who’s seen it all, knows the network and can steer you calmly through the choppy waters.

Someone who will prepare for this day long before it comes, whether it does or not. And above all – someone who has the cool detachment to spot any opportunities in the crisis that can provide a springboard to greater things.

Of course, we hope you never need our expertise in this field. But we wouldn’t advise taking chances in this world either. The best time to prepare for the unexpected is when nothing is expected at all.

How we maintain your reputation in a crisis

Our cool, calm and highly competent crisis communications team will step in to support and advise you. We’ll help you control and manage the media quickly and effectively to minimise any damage to your reputation.

We will even manage your press office, deal directly with media enquiries and make sure journalists get prepared media statements crafted specifically to diffuse the situation and keep your brand on track.

We can act as a go-between to shield you from the media or give them managed, controlled access to key executives on your team – and more important, we can coach them on how to conduct themselves and what to say throughout the interview.

But before any of that – we’ll make sure you’re prepared for anything before it happens. We’ll help you perform a risk analysis and set up a crisis communications strategy so that you’re ready to act quickly and effectively should the worst happen.

Our highly experienced team offers:

  • 24/7 press office support
  • Risk analysis and management strategy
  • Internal and external communications management
  • Broadcast media training
  • Impact evaluation
  • Post-crisis communication support
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