How to generate more legal services leads using RMS

If you’re looking for a Manchester communications agency to help you get more legal services leads, you’ve come to the right place. RMS has more than 20 years’ experience helping legal firms promote their services and expertise and generate leads. 

Start with your website 

Generating more legal services leads should always start with getting your website in order. Too many law firms undervalue their website – even if you aren’t looking to attract direct leads from your site, 96% of people looking for legal advice start online.

It’s vital yours makes you stand out from the crowd and gives the right impression straight away.  Poor quality team shots are a big no-no and can immediately put a potential client off. It still surprises me, that some legal services clients think that a poorly lit, badly positioned snap, taken on their mobile phone will cut it. RMS has a small number of highly trusted professional services photographers who will help you project the right image. It’s worth adding that Google also prefers sites with good quality images, so the investment will pay dividends for your SEO

A bank of fresh photography isn’t just useful for your website; the images can be used across your social channels too – don’t be tempted to use a shot from a Saturday night out with a drink in hand as your LinkedIn profile shot. You’d be surprised how many lawyers do this.

Content, content, content 

Don’t underestimate the importance of content creation in attracting leads. RMS can create compelling content that will attract potential clients. This tactic positions you as a thought leader and therefore an expert in your practice area. From writing short blogs which will help keep current clients engaged and attract new ones to researching and writing in-depth white papers, RMS has vast experience. Establishing yourself as a thought leader is a long game, so don’t expect calls immediately – though this has been known to happen. It’s all about striking the right chord with the reader.

Don’t be scared to stand out

RMS has vast experience in designing collateral for legal practice across the North West, helping them make an impact in a crowded marketplace. We’ve done everything from putting together award-winning advertising campaigns to designing a leaflet to be mailed to a specific postal area to promote conveyancing services. Too many legal firms try to imitate competitors and are afraid to go out of their comfort zone when it comes to design.  Be brave and be different.  If you’re putting budget into Design, make sure it works hard and gets you noticed by potential leads. Otherwise, you may as well pour the investment down the drain. 

As tempting as it may be, don’t cut corners; a shoddy design reflects badly on your firm. Just as you wouldn’t advocate using an unqualified and inexperienced lawyer to sell your family home, we’d advise using a professional designer with professional services experience who will understand what you’re looking to achieve. 

Once your website is up to scratch, many legal clients use the PR expertise of RMS to help them generate leads via media coverage. The key here is regular coverage in the media read by potential clients.  As well as communicating hard news – new people in a team, growth of the firm, for example, PR can be used extremely effectively to target specific sectors that you want to win business in.  A recent example is a firm that had a specialism in advising farmers. Two strategic articles (written by RMS) and placed in farming titles, resulted in five calls to the firm. 

Leverage the power of Email Marketing & PPC

Compliment your existing strategy by investing in E-shots and PPC campaigns. They can be two great digital channels to leverage for lead generation. Why not run a PPC campaign and have users fill in a form hosted on one of your website’s landing pages? You can use that information to build an email database divided up into different audiences. Vice versa, you can utilise existing email lists to help create PPC audiences to directly target users already interested in your product or service.

The above has barely scratched the surface of all the ways we have helped legal clients generate leads over the years. Depending on your objective, we’ll tailor an integrated solution from the whole marketing mix that RMS has at its disposal. Call us on 0161 927 3131, or fill in our online contact form for an informal chat about how we can help you grow your legal business.

PS. Make sure to check out our legal services case studies for recent examples.