SEO & Content Marketing

SEO is a complex mix of disciplines that should work in harmony to ensure search engines find your website and move it up the rankings so it can be easily found by customers interested in what you do.

Google – still the king of search engines – keeps a beady eye on how people interact with your website. It measures how long they stay on it, what they read and whether they bounce off it. Then they use this information to ‘judge’ your site and reward or penalise it in the rankings.

Everyone bandies around the phrase ‘keyword research’. Be warned, this is just one aspect of great SEO. As well as key word optimisation and content creation, an effective SEO strategy will look at the user experience and, crucially, technical aspects of your website – making sure that the foundations are solid, that everything works as it should, that the headers and tags are effectively labelled.

SEO is geared towards making it easy for Google to ‘read and rank’ your website – if just one link isn’t working, you’ll be penalised. Done properly, SEO is an arduous task that requires an eye for detail and a thorough approach.

Content marketing increases those chances massively, by expanding on the information the customer is interested in, attracting them, engaging them and making them more likely to act upon it. SEO without Content Marketing is like a sandwich without a filling.

With RMS, you’ll have a team of clever, passionate specialists on hand to perform the ‘serious’, technical stuff (ensure the foundations are solid) and then develop the content that will see your site grow, make an impact and attract visitors.

Benefits of SEO & content marketing

  • More traffic
  • More conversions
  • Keep customers on your site for longer
  • Give customers a reason to keep coming back
  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Better brand awareness

  • Educate customers
  • Target more relevant customers/more qualified leads
  • Build trust and stronger customer relationships
  • Build your credibility and authority in your market
  • Move buyers through the funnel faster and more effectively
  • Encourage people to share your website


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