Marketing without differentiation is a pointless waste of money. There. We’ve said it. Look around at your competitors. Bet they're all saying the same thing? Very few firms in the legal sector stand out from the crowd. Perhaps they don’t ask the hard questions. Perhaps they’ve had poor advice. Unless you get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes you different, who that matters to and why it matters, marketing will always be just a money pit.

Goals, values and ideals are rarely shared across the workforce or even between partners! Until that hard work is done, your marketing can’t possibly be working as hard as it should.

At RMS, we’ve grown a reputation over 25 years as proven experts in helping legal firms stand up and be noticed. We work hand in glove with the legal sector and have managed the Manchester Legal Awards for their entire existence. So be assured - we understand the unique challenges of your sector, we’re in tune with the rhythms and cadences of your marketing year, and we’re at one with the tools that will help you get the right messages to the right people, to maximise your ROI and make marketing your best friend.

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