Email Marketing

By far the most cost-effective marketing method, in terms of ROI.

What is email marketing?

With the right strategy and creative execution, a good email campaign can increase revenue by 320%!

We know this, because at RMS, we’ve been doing it for over two decades. So before you overlook it in favour of the newer, sexier technologies, let us show you some possibly lucrative possibilities closer to home.

It’s like good old-fashioned direct mail but with the ‘snail’ removed. Turbo-charged, easier on your wallet and kinder to the environment, is puts your message directly into your customer’s inbox – so you’re talking to them at their desk.

Benefits of email marketing

  • It’s fast to produce
  • It’s low cost
  • It gives you returns on average up to £32.28 for every £1 spent in the UK (Source: DMA)
  • It gives you a 174% higher conversion rate than social media
  • It’s easy to segment. Segmenting campaigns increases revenue by an average of 760%
  • It targets engaged customers – post GDPR, it’s the only form of advertising that customers actively ask to receive. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 73% of consumers say email is their preferred marketing channel.
  • It’s easy to measure
  • It’s easy to share


We get to know your business. Your goals, your dreams, your inside leg measurement…okay, maybe not that but in general, no amount of detail is too much to help us create an effective campaign for you and we certainly don’t shirk the hard work.

It’s a simple process. We get to know your customers – who they are, what they buy, why they buy it. We look at where they live, what they watch, what they read and what other brands they buy. Then we help you find more of them so you can sell more products. And we help you find new ways of selling things to those who already buy from you.



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