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Your website is the focal point of your company’s marketing activity. It’ll be the first place people go when they hear or read about you.  It will certainly be the place your prospects land if you’re running any digital marketing campaigns.

Over the years, your website has probably evolved with new sections, pages and content being added. All of which is generally a good thing but can mean your website has turned into the house that Jack built.

When was the last time you took a fresh look at it from a visitors perspective?

Is it welcoming? Is it easy to find essential information? Does it feature lots of interesting content presented in a structured, user-friendly way? Crucially, does it contain compelling calls to action?

Dig a little deeper, and you might find site architecture problems. Although these might not bring the whole house tumbling down, they will certainly be harmful to your web traffic, visibility in Google, user experience and revenue.

If you feel your website requires some attention, let our web development team look under the bonnet and give it a full MOT. 

A comprehensive website audit will tell you whether your site just needs an oil change or should be traded in for a brand new model. We’ll look at your site speed, site architecture, image optimisation, metatags, schema markup and a whole host of other things that will be affecting its performance before giving you an honest analysis. Our recommendations will be backed up with industry benchmarks, tried and tested recommendations and a clear course of action.

We might discover that your site architecture is in good condition and that your site only needs a lick of paint. In which case, our web design team will go into action and present you with their vision of how they could improve your website’s look.

You might be happy with your existing website and simply want ongoing website management and support. Perhaps you’re just interested in app development and growing your business via mobile search traffic. Either way, we can help.

Our web development services team has been designing and building websites of all sorts – from simple brochure sites to complex eCommerce platforms – for over two decades.  

In short, if you’re looking for a web development agency that delivers on brief, on time and on budget, you’ve come to the right place.

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From the moment someone lands on your website, they will form an immediate impression of your business and brand. So your web development and design need to be on point.

If your website features out of date content, is peppered with technical glitches or is difficult to navigate, it won’t reflect well on your business or instil confidence in potential clients.

Let’s face it. Your website is your biggest brand ambassador. It’s often the first interaction users will have with your company, so you need to make sure it’s well-designed, is well built and provides lots of interesting and useful content that’s easy for visitors to find.

Although every website is unique, we have a tried and trusted approach to web development to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

In the end, you’ll have a website that you are proud of and which makes the right impression on your target audience.

After your website has gone live, one of our web maintenance packages will ensure it continues to run efficiently.

Our team will keep a constant and watchful eye behind the scenes, monitor up- and downtimes, carry out a programme of regular testing to ensure nothing hinders its performance from a technical perspective.

As well as frequently testing site security and updating any plugins, they’ll ensure your speed remains impressively fast and that your CMS is running efficiently. These routine checks will be carried out regularly, not just when your site is published.

Although we’ll provide training to enable you to upload content and images yourself, you might prefer us to do this on your behalf. In which case, we’ll tailor a support package specifically for your needs.

Having a fresh new website is all well and good, but to ensure you receive maximum return on investment, you need to be sure it’s constantly working its hardest for you.

Once your site has settled, our digital team will review your web analytics regularly to provide you with a clear overview of what actions users are taking once they land. This user behaviour analysis will show how users navigate your site, which pages they visit the most, how long they stay and which content they favour the most.

These insights are invaluable. As well as highlighting areas that could be improved, they also shine a spotlight on the type of content your customers want to see.

Data is invaluable to ensuring your website is always performing at its best.

If you want more interaction with your customers, greater loyalty and more sales, an app might just be the answer.

Although there’s a lot of crossover, websites and apps perform different functions. Our app development team will give you an honest opinion about whether an app is right for your business.

The key benefit is that it will enable you to push personalised messages to your customer base without fear of upsetting them because they have already shown they like you by downloading your app!

Thanks to geolocation, an app also enables you to send promotional offers to customers who’re within the vicinity of your business.

Then when it comes actually to buy from you, an app provides your customers with fast and simple checkout, even when they’re on the go.

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We approach any app or web development project following one central principle: Cooperation starts with communication! We recommend clients start communicating with us at the first stages of their projects to help us understand their requirements and specifics of their business from the start.
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