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Campaign: Generating IFA leads during lockdown

The Brief

Help us generate leads during lockdown

Increased calls

Less than the hosting and promotion of a traditional seminar


Conversion rate

integrated marketing

During the two-month duration of the campaign, Applewood took an unprecedented number of new business enquiries on the telephone, via their website and directly from links in the digital ads.

The campaign cost less than the hosting and promotion of a traditional seminar yet delivered significantly more quality leads with digital ads alone delivering a healthy conversion rate of 3.5%.

That said, the true measure of success is incalculable as Applewood is still holding meetings with several prospects – not forgetting the lifetime value of a client who converts!

The directors at Applewood have decided to host their next event as a webinar and have asked us to promote it – even more ambitiously.  In short, they are converts to the power of an integrated approach to marketing.

Long-standing client Applewood Independent is a family-run, established and respected firm of  Independent Financial Advisers in deepest Cheshire.

Historically, we’ve helped them promote seminars using traditional direct mail.  This has involved project managing everything from data acquisition and the creation of mailers to overseeing the distribution and fulfilment of the promotional materials. Applewood was due to run a seminar in April but lockdown prevented this from taking place.  Keen to replace the lost leads, they turned to us for a solution.

We proposed an integrated approach that included an SEO review of the firm’s website; traditional press and radio advertising; a pay-per-click campaign; social media management; paid social media advertising; and media relations.

After much discussion, it was agreed to press on with all elements except radio advertising and social media. After negotiating competitive advertising rates in Cheshire Life and a couple of local newspapers, our creative team went into action, copywriting and designing compelling press advertisements and digital display ads.

Meanwhile, our digital team undertook extensive keyword analysis and competitor research to produce an effective PPC plan of action.  

Website reviewed and technically updated, it was time to launch our 8-week campaign.


“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of leads generated by the campaign. We’ll continue to use traditional ways to promote our services but will definitely include more digital marketing from now on, too.”

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