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A well-designed website should do four things:

  • Attract the right kinds of visitors.
  • Guide them through the main services or products you offer.
  • Convey your culture.
  • Collect contact details so you can establish an ongoing relationship.

Where appropriate, it should entertain, inform and convert interested browsers into active customers. Any website that fails on any one of these criteria is just a waste of your budget.

Using our understanding of your business and your customers, we’ll design and build a website that fulfils your business objectives and does all the right things, for the right people, in the right way.

Want to maximise sales? We can build you an eCommerce site that will grab your customers by the lapels, drag them wide-eyed though your store and deposit them on the other side of the till with empty pockets and a big smile.

With an RMS website you’ll see immediate and long-term effects in your website’s:

  • Technical performance – A fast, future-proofed website that looks great, loads quickly and makes people want to come back again and again.
  • Content – The sticky stuff that keeps your customers interested and keeps them coming back for more. Bright, well-written, content that tells people what they want to know, in the order they want to know it, entertains, informs and engages.
  • SEO – We’ll employ all the legitimate means at our disposal to get you to the top of Google and keep you there. Effective SEO implementation will give the right signals to Google. Bad SEO puts you in Google’s bad books - and you don’t want to go there! We’ll use our judgement and experience to keep you on the right side of the line.

The six key phases of website development

We treat every website as a totally unique entity. However, the process is effectively the same, and follows this pattern:

  • Research: We dig deep into your business, your objectives, your customers and your market.
  • Planning: We plan out the structure of your site, organising the content into topics and sub-topics, then lay that over the optimum, frictionless user journey, so that everything is where the visitor expects, navigation is intuitive and the only surprises are good ones.
  • Design and content creation: We work with you to write the content that brings your structure to life.
  • Development: The down ‘n’ dirty stuff, where our team of expert programmers write the code that makes your website sing.
  • Testing and launch: Before we let it loose on your adoring public, we put your website through hell. We assume every line is guilty until proved innocent and pull the legs off every single bug, then we fix whatever allowed the bugs to exist in the first place until your site runs without a glitch. Finally – once we’re totally satisfied, we hand it over to you, its proud owner.
  • Maintenance: We don’t just forget about your website once it’s live. We’ve constantly got our heads under the bonnet, checking, improving and futureproofing. We observe how customers use it, where it can be improved and respond to feedback to ensure it keeps your visitors as happy as they can be.
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