Digital Strategy

Digital is not just a specialist arm of marketing any more. It’s entwined and ingrained with every aspect of life.

Nowadays, we watch TV on our phones, we read newspapers on our PCs, we ship sitting in bed. Digital is not a total marketing solution, but it is an essential piece of any marketing chess set.

We’re here to help you implement digital as part of your overall strategy, rather than an isolated tactic. We’ll help you become more visible, improve traffic and increase sales.

We’ll comprehensively audit your entire digital operation and how it dovetails with the rest of your business, and we have overall expertise to ensure it all weaves in seamlessly with your main business objectives.

We’ll dig down into your business to find out what’s important. Its history and its future. How you talk to customers. What they think of you. The good and the bad. We look at how you communicate this through other channels. Your tone of voice and your content.

We’ll look at your customer base and create buyer personas. We’ll identify gaps. And then we’ll build you a relevant, pertinent, end-focused digital strategy that is just one moving part of your overall marketing mix.

We’ll show you the quick wins but we’ll also help you build for the future, making sure you’re aware of new developments – and future ones, and how they will affect you.

And if you’re a bigger organisation, you might have multiple digital strategies, each with different goals. We can handle that, ensuring all work effectively.

With RMS, you’ll have a clear roadmap of all the objectives and actions needed to get your business to where it needs to go.



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