V.Group Map

For an agency like RMS, based in landlocked Altrincham, it can be quite surprising to learn of our longstanding reputation for expertise in the maritime sector.

More than ten years ago, we were appointed by a group of the global industry’s leading organisations to tackle the problem of Somali piracy. In the intervening years, we have worked with numerous clients in the maritime sector, from those providing security to those transporting LNG.

We now have V.Group as a client.  One of the world’s leading ship management organisations employing 44,000 people ashore and afloat around the world. 

We were appointed earlier this year just before the pandemic struck and the world locked down. The consequences for the global ship management industry were huge, instant and unprecedented. 300,000 seafarers were trapped at sea, unable to come ashore at scores of destinations due to restrictions put in place in ports.

This was when we had the idea to pull together information from a number of different sources to create an interactive tool, a map, that could be used to keep seafarers and those ashore up to date with all the latest information about restrictions in ports across the globe. 

The map has been used by captains, ship managers and travel managers across the globe, both in V.Group and by the wider industry. With thousands of data points on ports from Canada, to Singapore and more it has become an essential point of information.

It has also proven to be incredibly effective in visualising what is very complicated data at times and makes consuming it that much easier.

While hundreds of thousands of ‘invisible’ workers have been stuck at sea, this was just one small but very effective method of helping V.Group to get these key workers home.

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