Powerful PR advice for Fintech businesses

Fintech PR and communications can be complicated and challenging. Still, a solid PR and social media strategy can be the key to growing your brand and ultimately making it a success. By building an engaged audience and a trusted brand, PR can help you, whether you are trying to win new customers, target a new sector or looking into mergers and acquisitions. 

1. Build the right relationships.

Relationships are key. Being able to contact the right journalist, with the right audience at the right time is at the heart of PR. Relationships are the difference between your brand becoming ‘famous’ and just being another face in a crowded marketplace.

2. It’s all about influence.

PR plans aren’t just thrown together. To ensure you are influencing the right people you MUST know where your influence lies. PR will help you look at the expertise and stories that may be lying dormant in and bring them to the fore to unveil new ways for you to communicate with your market.

3. Be persistent.

PR is not a flash in the pan one-hit-wonder. You need to be forefront in the minds of your media regularly. Giving them stories and comment they are interested in periodically means that you become a mainstay of the media agenda and can help cut through the noise of the fintech communications landscape.

4. Use your data.

Data is often the key to the news in the Fintech space, so make sure you are using yours to its fullest effect. PR can turn what you might see as standard data sets into compelling and exciting stories that grab media attention and makes your audience sit up and take note. So, whether you are releasing your own data and making predictions about the future of the market or disrupting the status quo with something revolutionary, data can often be the key to breaking the ice with the media.

5. Be ready.

At the start, it is important to know who your media spokespeople and what they want to talk about so that if opportunities appear, you are ready to react. PR can help to make your C-Suite and senior executives become trusted media commentators and thought leaders that the industry comes to rely on.

6. Prepare for the worst.

Financial markets can be volatile, and things outside of your control can always happen, and the key to dealing with a crisis is planning. Nobody wants to think of the worst but being ready for it is vital. PR works to help the right people in the business plan for a potential crisis from start to finish. Knowing how it could threaten your business, how to react and what to say when the media call and write about it and making sure you are ready for every eventuality means you will always be prepared for a crisis. 

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