Financial marketers today either have nerves of steel or they don’t understand the depth of the challenge. To be in the front line of one of the most crowded, cannibalistic battlefields there is, to be constantly fighting the rearguard of loyalty and retention while cutting through into new markets, takes a deep and detailed insight into who you really are as a brand, what kind of customers you truly appeal to - and why.

Without those clear insights, you’re always vulnerable to those who would steal the ground from under your feet. At RMS, we’ve spent 25 years unearthing those insights for financial services clients, be they banks, accountants, financial advisers, short-term finance providers or purveyors of the myriad of new financial tools. We do for you what you do for your customers – start with your goals and help you plan how you’ll get there.

We can help you clarify what it is you do that your customers value most, so that you can do more of it and find more of them. We can help you identify why some customers leave, what kind of people they are and how they behave before they leave. We can help you identify new markets, to spot and evaluate gaps and anticipate customer needs before your competitors do. And we can help you articulate your insights in ways that matter to your customers.

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