Harnessing the Power of User-Generated Content During COVID-19

User-generated content has been making enormous waves within marketing during life under lockdown. Staying at home has given a new meaning to the word ‘influencer’, paving the way for millions of people to overcome their boredom with captivating online challenges born from platforms such as Tik Tok, and brands are taking notice.

As COVID-19 creates barriers for traditional ad formats and TV production, brands are having to innovate, which means turning to social content to front their next campaign – content they know is guaranteed to engage as it’s likely already gone viral.

What is User-Generated Content & why should it be part of your marketing strategy?

In short, user-generated content (or UGC) is any type of content that has been created by a brand’s followers or consumers — from videos, Instagram Stories, Lives, takeovers and reviews. Incorporating UGC into your marketing agenda in the right way can transform your social strategy even if your team is small and your resources are stretched!

AdWeek reported that visual UGC is more influential than content generated by brands for 85% of users, which makes it valuable as it can really resonate with a brand’s target audience.

The Power of UGC

Unsure whether you should be letting consumers do the talking for your brand? This might just convince you…

  • Over three-quarters of consumers will watch UGC before making a purchase*
  •  It’s genuine content, so people trust it
  •   It can provide maximum return for minimum investment. Often, simply providing free product in exchange for UGC can result in the brand awareness and engagement needed quickly and effortlessly
  •  It’s versatile – it can be used to launch a new product or service, as well as creating talkability after the initial buzz has died down
  •  If it works for Lucozade… (check out their latest TV ad)

Still hesitant? Take a look at how we harnessed the power of UGC for one of our FMCG clients.