Social Media Management

Social started out as a bit of glitter. Then it was the icing on the cake.

Now, it’s baked into your marketing recipe as a key ingredient of consumer relationships.

But don’t be taken in by the word ‘social’. It’s not a breezy chat over the gate with a friendly customer. It’s as tough a business environment as any other. As a means of targeting ‘warm’, receptive consumers, it gives unprecedented accuracy and return on investment.
But in the wrong or unresponsive hands, it can also hurt you.

So you’ll be comforted to know that this capricious, uncertain environment is our manor. We’ve existed in it from the beginning and we know all the tricks. We’re alert to the risks and if anyone can keep you safe, it’s RMS.

How we can improve your social media standing?

Recent research has shown that 67% of consumers now expect businesses to offer customer service online, and those that do grow 5% faster. So you need this. But how can you be sure to get it right? We’ll walk you through the ‘What? Who? Why?’ of social media sites. Who uses what site? What for? And why?

For instance:

  • Facebook – a bit of everything for businesses and (mainly) over 30’s to chat.
  • Twitter – fast, forthright and fat-free. News and info in its pithiest form. But woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of its 321 million users.
  • LinkedIn – a vast professional shop window for jobs, contacts and professional opinions. Great for driving B2B traffic, transparent recruiting and establishing thought leadership.
  • YouTube – the world’s leading video content outlet – and since it’s now owned by Google, it’s prioritised in search results, so take advantage of this.
  • Snapchat – photo sharing with friends
  • Instagram – the Facebook-owned platform where 200 million, mainly young, creative minds get to share, filter and edit their images, create stories and interact through pictures with friends and celebrities.

We’ll help you manage your day to day social media relations – updating content, communicating with your followers, keeping an eye on their moods and behaviour – but we can also help you build highly targeted, cost-effective campaigns to receptive audiences.


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