Campaign: Topical spoof

The Brief

Here at RMS, we all loved the original Spotify campaign, so we decided to do our own version


Bespoke copy

Complementary Design

Multiple social channels

Promoted through our Twitter channel to accompany other news and content.

We tagged Spotify UK into our tweets to make sure they knew how much we loved their campaign and to make sure they saw our own efforts to pay homage to it.

We managed to take the original campaign and enhance it further with ever sharper, more edgy copy lines which perhaps Spotify was not able to do.

With the launch of the Spotify ad campaign, we were all enthused with the 1980s and 1990s music nostalgia being blended with the modern day equivalent with an intelligent play on words – the delightful juxtaposition of the 80s/90s song title flipped into modern day behaviours and themes.

The art direction was simple, with just the original year and the current 2019 year, with the song title or band name of yesteryear set alongside the wordplay spin of today. It was simple, clever and playful… yet still impactful. We all loved it.

We were keen to see if we could do something similar – taking the essence of the Spotify campaign and art direction – and bring some newsjacking twists or topical stories to the messaging. It seemed like an endless source of content. So we had a go and these were our results…

“The Spotify campaign was so clever and engaging, the RMS team wanted to do our own tribute to it by creating some sharper copy lines and introduce some more varied themes to continue the buzz”

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