Campaign: Making science sexy

The Brief

Design and implement a campaign to profile the firm’s products and simultaneously collect data from the company’s target audience.

International engagement

Data capture campaign


Potential leads generated

Integrated campaign

“We exceeded the data capture target we had been set by over 50% with our integrated approach”

The campaign was featured across key trade, local and regional titles to help drive engagement.

We exceeded the data capture target we’d been set by over 50%.

As a result, Innova were presented with over 100 email address to add to their database and use to convert as many leads as possible.

The campaign had international engagement, capturing the attention of a school in Kenya and its science classroom facilities.

Within such a niche B2B marketplace we caught the attention the company’s target audience through creative design and innovative campaign ideas.

Most importantly, we made science sexy!

Innova Design Solutions creates science laboratories for schools and colleges.

They wanted us to create a visually engaging campaign targeting teachers and education professionals to generate leads, capture data and ultimately bring in new business for the company.

And so ‘Rate My Lab’ was born.

We started by building a web page featuring a 10-question survey, in which teachers were asked specific questions about their science laboratory.

Using an integrated mix of social media, email marketing, traditional PR and online advertising, we drove science teachers to the survey and rated their science labs!

When teachers had completed the survey, they were sent a humorous overview of their lab featuring a bespoke illustration, created by our designers, and description ranging from Very Bad (Laboritiorius Crumblius Decintigus) to Average (Auditorium Yawnium) to Amazing (Laborio Smarmani).

Email addresses captured from the survey were then targeted as part of a direct marketing campaign profiling the firm’s products.

“Most importantly, we made science sexy!”

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