Increasing organic visibility

Campaign: Increasing organic visibility of Air Care Solutions

The Brief

Increase the volume of organic traffic and volume of quality leads, through a combination of SEO and improved UX.


Increase in organic impressions


Increase in clicks

Improved UX

Improved load time

Air Care Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of Ruhens air purifying technology, supplying products to a wide range of clients, including the NHS and local government.

Wanting to increase their online presence and volume of rental contracts, Air Care sought expert opinion from RMS to help drive them forward.

A closer look revealed that the company’s website lacked in-depth content, which meant users struggled to find the information they needed for a smooth experience. A lack of strategic planning also caused problems, with several pages competing for the same keywords, which hindered SEO visibility and kept rankings low.

Without the budget for a full rebuild, we took an innovative two-fold approach: new content creation based on in-depth keyword research to pinpoint sector-specific words that would boost visibility. We also refreshed the design of key webpages to help users navigate through the site more easily, increasing conversion rates.

Once the website had a solid foundation on which to build, we looked to capture more top-of-the-funnel keywords to increase traffic and created a series of guides pages using keyword clusters thoughtfully linked together to maximise authority.

With site speed being a key ranking factor, we invested time throughout the project to ensure the page load time adhered to Google’s Core Web Vitals and that users had the best possible browsing experience.

Organic impressions increased by a whopping +3565%, rising from 4,120 to over 151,000 over a 12 month period.

Clicks from organic search increased by over +276% for the same period.

In total over 20 new pages of content were written, all of which continue to grow in impressions and daily clicks. With plans to create a comprehensive resource hub for users, the trajectory looks set to continue on its upward climb for Air Care.

“Without the budget for a full rebuild, we took an innovative two-fold approach to achieve success.”

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