Why ‘how to’ Google searches matter

We live in a world where we can access the answer to any question within minutes, even seconds. ‘Google it’ has become the ubiquitous phrase that’s thrown around offices and households whenever we’re unsure about something or simply curious to find an answer.

The dramatic events of 2020 haven’t changed the way we search for answers but the answers we have been searching for have changed.

How 2020 changed search

When cars were stationary on driveways and the hustle and bustle of town centres stilled, our planet was given the opportunity to take a breath for the first time in decades. The volume of ‘how to stop climate change’ searches increased more than ever, and people pledged to change their consumer behaviour, becoming focused on supporting local and ethical brands.

We grew as a society, seeking to support one another. Random acts of kindness became commonplace and our perception of what’s important took a shift. In June 2020, driven by the Black Lives Matter campaign, ‘how to be anti-racist’ was searched more times than ‘how to be a millionaire’.

We looked to improve ourselves

With extra time on our hands, many looked to upskill and spend time in productive ways.  ‘How to start a vegetable garden’ search doubled in 2020 compared to 2019.  Although not everyone opted to expand their culinary expertise with healthy food choices, as evidenced by searches for ‘How to make chicken nuggets’ increasing tenfold!

Barbers and hair dressing salons were out of bounds, and with uncertainty of when they may open their doors again, many of us took matters into our own hands. ‘How to cut your own hair’ reached an all-time high but it seems things didn’t go according to plan for many as ‘how to fix a bad haircut’ was up there in the rankings, too!

A year like no other

It’s safe to say, 2020 was a year like no other for individuals and businesses alike.

For marketeers, keeping up with changing trends has always been vital. With such huge fluctuations in consumer behaviour during the pandemic, it proved more important than ever to understand customer behaviour and requirements.  

Brands that spotted trends early put themselves in the best position to navigate the challenging times.  Those that acted decisively have come out the other side stronger than ever.

As children returned to the classroom and with a roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, the big question is will these changes to behaviour last?

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