What food trends are going to be big in 2021

We all need something to look forward to as we head into 2021. We all know 2020 was…well, let’s just say different, and this unsurprisingly changed how we as consumers shopped and ate. Some of these food trends will continue into 2021, but as we enter this new year, there are some new and exciting trends making an entrance. 

Let’s take a look…

Crafty cooking

We all know we have more time on our hands at the moment and are keen to invest that time into creating unique and tasty dishes in the kitchen. Social media timelines are filled with weird and wonderful creations at the moment, from humble homemade pasta to whipped coffee to tornado omelettes (yes these are a real thing) and this will continue through 2021. Consumers are looking for inspiration and excitement; something brands will need to provide this year.

Plant-based food 

More people than ever before are now leaning more towards a vegan diet, wanting to reduce their meat intake and replacing it with protein-rich plant-based options. The vegan society carried out research in 2018, which said there were over 600,000 vegans in the UK, and this figure is bound to have grown since. Brands will continue to innovate and create exciting new meat and fish alternatives going forward into 2021 to tap into this trend. On that subject…

Fruit and veg jerky 

That’s right, fruit and veg jerky is set to be a big trend for meat-alternative snacks in 2021. By preserving the fruit and veg in this way all the nutrition and freshness is retained, making it a super healthy choice for the wellbeing conscious. Keep an eye out for jerky style carrots this year!

Reasonably priced premium alcohol 

As we all know, the pubs are shut (boo!), so we’re all enjoying a tipple at home. It’s also been identified that we’re more likely to have the time to sniff out quality products but at a lower price point. There’s a noticeable shift as fewer people turn their nose up at cheaper option wines, beers and spirits. Hurrah!

Big breakfast 

Breakfast food is finally getting the recognition it deserves! Long gone are the days of breakfast bars or a slice of toast as you rush out of the house. We’ve got the time to prepare delicious breakfasts to start the day off right. Expect new, innovative products hitting shelves in the breakfast aisles this year. 

Pickling and fermenting 

This trend is coming back around again. As we head into spring, people will be embracing their garden again and growing their own produce. Fermenting and pickling is a great way to keep produce fresh and reduce waste which is also a hot topic at the moment. Make sure you keep hold of your mason jars, everyone!

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