Website audit leads to improved performance

We were tasked by Kings Chambers to improve the rankings of all the pages on their website that featured individual barrister profiles.  The reason was simple … to ensure they appeared when someone (generally a lawyer) was looking for a barrister. 

The barristers at Kings are among the best in the UK so they were particularly keen to be in the running against London based competitors.

An audit of the site identified several issues that were having a negative impact on SEO rankings.  One, for instance, was the duplication of pages which were the result of visitors being able to download barrister CVs as PDFs. Simple cause but big impact.

As part of the fix, we redesigned the barrister landing pages; removed duplicate content; improved the load time across the site as a whole … all of which not only improved the user experience but helped with page rankings.

Lastly, we implemented schema mark-up across each of the barrister pages, so that they were well optimised and had the opportunity to appear in rich snippets.  Not sure what a rich snippet is? Well, when you perform a search, they are the boxes of information that appear featuring text from your website. Often they appear as answers to specific questions and feature a link to your website. They look like advertisements but aren’t paid for.

The importance of adding correct mark-up can mean a big improvement in the click-through-rate and, therefore, traffic volumes to your site.

Since completing the updates, Kings has seen a 51% increase in organic traffic landing on the barrister pages as a result of improved rankings. We rest our case!