TV coverage for Burning Nights

Fiona specialises in personal injury cases involving Chronic Pain Syndromes, many of which are little understood and extremely challenging. She has been involved in hundreds of such cases and has been a lone voice trying to raise awareness of this dreadful and misunderstood affliction for years.

Many of her clients’ lives have been torn apart by the condition which is still unrecognised by the NHS and results in unnecessary amputations every year.

We were so moved to hear about the plight of her clients that we decided to help by publicising the work of Burning Nights, a support group run by one of her clients Victoria (herself a barrister who is no longer able to practice).

At the time, we secured some press coverage in The I but weren’t content to stop there!

On 3rd May, we were thrilled to see a 3-minute piece air on Granada Reports, which was also hosted on ITV’s news hub, where the journalist linked back to the CRPS homepage.

Following the programme, the Burning Nights Charity had an influx of enquiries from people who had seen the programme. Within the first day, they received 15 emails, 60 social media enquiries and 11 phone calls from newly diagnosed patients and people who had been suffering from CRPS for years and had never known what it was.

Both items have helped raise awareness of CRPS – giving a much-needed boost to the charity while ensuring others affected by CRPS know they are not alone and that support exists.