Spreading the word

The activity is still on-going but has already reached a huge audience and resulted in an increase in followers and an increase of Instagram users in the younger age range.

Keen to get the product into people’s hands (and mouths), we turned to our good friends in the blogger and influencer community. Undoubtedly a sound tactic considering a key objective is to get a younger audience into jam!

Key individuals were identified – active promoters of Manchester; foodies, arties, vegans and veggies; plus some lifestylers with a large following – and each was sent a mailer containing a personal letter and product samples.

The results have been fantastic. As well as receiving lots of posts and positive comments about the products from the influencers themselves, a true ripple effect has been created with their followers and fans also posting positive comments about the range.

Although written posts still have a value, social media’s love affair with video continues to blossom. With this in mind, we decided to experiment.

In a bid to educate and inspire younger consumers about the deliciousness of marmalade, we created a recipe for marmalade brownies!

With no budget for an epic production, we took the experimentation further and filmed/edited the recipe being made.

The resulting 1:20 minute film has proved a huge hit so we’re currently devising other recipes – if you’ve got any suggestions involving jam or marmalade, do let us know!