Showing the human side of a company

Eque2 is the UK’s leading provider of project management software to the construction industry.

Our work with them is varied and interesting.  Although the marketing team at Eque2 is extremely proactive and savvy, especially when it comes to digital activity – as you’d expect from a SaaS company – we felt there was an opportunity to promote the human faces of the business.

We set about creating their first ever customer newsletter as a vehicle for introducing the company’s many big characters and conveying the breadth of work undertaken by Eque2 (always looking for the cross referral opportunities!).

Having planned, researched and written the newsletter, we organised a photoshoot at the company’s head office in Reading which gave our design team powerful imagery with which to weave their magic.

We recently put the finishing touches to the first issue, which you can see below. Feedback has been extremely positive and we’re now planning Issue 2.