Robert De Niro fronts latest Warburtons campaign

Although we can’t lay claim to the creation of the ads themselves, we can share some other insights with you …

For us it all began 5 months ago when we were called to a meeting at Warburtons HQ to discuss the latest edition of W Magazine, which we’ve been producing for 5 years now.

We knew something special was happening when we were put in a private room and the door locked and shutters closed!

After signing an NDA, all became clear when they revealed that the star of their new TV ad campaign was Hollywood legend, Robert De Niro.

As with the previous headliners, it was imperative that the news wasn’t leaked. Five months to keep schtum – lots of secret meetings ensued! Only a handful of people at RMS were privy to the news and were lucky enough to get a first glimpse of the ad.

Anyway, with the first airing scheduled for the ad break in Gogglebox on 17th May, we had to write, design, print and deliver the special edition magazine to over 5,000 Warburtons employees with military precision to ensure it was delivered at exactly the right time to fit with the company’s wider strategic plans.

Needless to say, working closely with the wonderful team at Warburtons, we succeeded and the magazine landed as planned two days before the ad aired to the nation.

The special edition issue featured a behind the scenes glimpse at life on set, a Q&A with the directors and an in depth look at the new bagel range that was hitting shelves. Feedback from the Warburtons staff has, as ever, been extremely positive.

We’ve already set up a sweepstake in the office to see if anyone can guess who the star of next year’s ad will be. In the meantime, we’ve got another few editions to work on.