Pimms jam launch

Duerr’s jam and Pimms have teamed up to make what can only be described as a quintessentially English product… Pimms flavoured jam!

We were tasked with spreading awareness of the brand-new product through the power of PR and comms to generate interest and ultimately sales.

After several planning sessions and lots of sampling, (yes it really is alcoholic jam, can you believe it!) we curated a picnic inspired press pack which included the product, scones, goodies and a good old-fashioned press release.

We spent a day in London meeting our contacts in the national consumer press and gifted them with our press pack and detailed information about the product.

On the face of it press visits sound simple; send product to journalist and journalist writes about it, but you’d be so wrong.

Relationship building with senior national journalists over years is one thing but communicating a brand-new product in the right fashion that is going to be interesting and likable to the relevant national titles is another!

Needless to say, you couldn’t move for coverage of the new product. You can get your hands on a jar and try it for yourself in Waitrose and Asda now.