Peanut butter and jam anyone?

As one campaign nears its end, another takes off. This time, rather aptly, our attention has turned to peanut butter.

Also made by Duerr’s, Hi-Pro contains more protein than other brands of peanut butter, making it perfect for people seriously interested in health and fitness.

With an overarching objective of building the Hi-Pro follower base on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we decided to kick off by targeting a niche but hugely popular community – runners.

Our PR team sent product samples to influential individuals and groups, while our social team created stacks of useful and interesting content with the help of popular social media influencers within the running community. This included training tips, nutritional advice, recipes, running routes, all interesting content for runners to enjoy. At the same time, our digital team targeted runners with a suite of specially created ads promoting Hi-Pro.

Although this type of activity is quite labour intensive, it definitely reaps rewards.