Losing sleep over your finances?

Applewood Independent is a family-owned firm of independent financial advisers based in Nantwich.

For the past eight years, they’ve come to us to help market their annual seminar for clients and prospects.

This year we decided to introduce a few changes to the formula we normally use. Why? Simply because we know that the IFA sector – across the board – is experiencing a downturn in attendee numbers at seminars and events.We knew we had to work harder than usual to attract people.

We started by sourcing fresh, GDPR-compliant data before writing and designing a compelling 4-page mailer aimed at piquing the interest of recipients. Print and distribution taken care of, it was time for our digital team to go into action.

They began by creating a dedicated landing page that reflected the look and content of the mailer, and which featured a simple booking form. In order to drive people to this page, they then launched low budget campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook. With tracking in place, we are able to measure the success of the digital activity and make adjustments where necessary.

Although only just launched, we have already seen over 50 people respond to the ads and can see that they have subsequently gone on to visit the Applewood website, where they have remained for an average of 3 minutes – which is a good length of time for a first time visitor.

Early indications are that the seminar will be well attended. If you’re losing sleep over your finances, perhaps you should go!