Did you know?

LinkedIn has 660m registered users, 303m of whom are active on the platform. 

If your business is keen to reach other businesses, that’s a pretty large pool for you to fish in so you would be very wise to include LinkedIn in your marketing strategy.

The case is even more compelling when you consider 90m of the users are senior-level influencers and 63m are outright decision makers.

Most successful businesses use social media to promote their wares but choosing the most appropriate channel to meet your objectives is key.  Facebook advertising, for example, is much cheaper than LinkedIn BUT the latter is 277% more effective at generating business leads. The clear lesson is to be aware of false economies!

45% of in-house marketers claim to have acquired customers for their company as a direct result of activity on the platform, while 95% of B2B content marketers actively recommend it.

All of that said, LinkedIn can be a minefield.  

It isn’t the easiest or most intuitive channel to use.  To truly exploit the huge potential is offers, you need to do your homework before putting your campaign together.  Think of what who you want to reach; what they will be interested in; and what you have to say that will attract their attention.  Then you should consider a mix of organic activity (typically, thought leadership pieces) that effectively use phrases and tags to attract interaction and engagement from other users and paid activity (advertisements targeted at a highly defined audience).  

All the time, you need to be keeping a beady eye on the analytics so you can make adjustments to maximise the impact of your activity.  Remember, one post does not an effective campaign make!

If this all sounds a bit much, you could always give us a call!