Helping generate leads for rugby news site

Not surprisingly, ITL was approached by an insurance company that had an accident protection product perfect for active sports people. They realised that ITL’s following was an ideal and captive audience for their policy.

ITL agreed a level of commission for leads delivered with the insurer, then turned to us to help generate interest in the policy.

Activity to-date has focussed on building solid foundations for the lead generation campaign. We’ve designed and built a dedicated landing page; created a suite of digital ads; and started a remarketing campaign to ITL fans.

Once this initial activity is underway, our attention will turn to casting our net wider to reach a larger lookalike audience and, therefore, increase the volume of leads coming through.

Early indications are positive. We were given a target cost per lead of £30 but have already managed to half that, which is great result for ITL and means they make more from each policy sold.

As with all insurance policies, the value lies in the lifetime value of the sale, not just the initial purchase.

So, if you play sport and want to insure yourself against injury, check this out.