Five signs you need to update your website

Since the dawn of the digital age, websites have become the go-to tool for information, products and purchases or even just a way to track down Santa Claus’ whereabouts on Christmas Eve

Ultimately, they are a must-have for any business keen to promote itself and reach a wider audience.  It follows that keeping a website updated is pretty important.

So, hand on heart, when was the last time you took a fresh look at your website? A really fresh look – as if you were viewing it for the very first time? As if you were seeing it through the same eyes as a prospective customer or client?

If you haven’t done this for a while, go and take a look and ask yourself the following questions:

Can I easily find what I’m looking for on this site?

In other words, is it easy to navigate?  Has the ‘site architecture’ been well considered and laid out? Often a website becomes a bit like the house that Jack built, with pages and sections added and added and added … until there is no trace of the original design and the key messages and content become lost.

Is your site a bit slow and clunky?

New software, programs and plug ins are created every day with the aim of improving the quality of your website. Despite this, the harsh reality is if your website is a certain age, you’re probably throwing good money after bad trying to keep it well maintained.

Platforms are evolving all the time and it could well be that the foundations of your website are old and rickety.  This could mean you are constantly needing maintenance to keep it functioning.

The most important job of a website is to connect with and maintain your customer base, so if your website is hard to use, slow or making it difficult for people to use your services, it’s time for an upgrade.

Does your website still meet your objectives?

Every website has to have a clear goal and inbuilt tools to measure and track if it’s delivering.

Perhaps the sole goal of your website is to sell products.  It could be that your product and service is of a high value so requires personal interaction – in which case, your objective might be to encourage people to call or complete a form for more information.

If your website isn’t delivering the results you want, then it’s time to consider a review and revamp.

Does it say what it should?

Is the text on your website easy to understand or is it full of jargon? Do you talk about you, you, you or we, we, we … without considering your prospective customers?  Think about what you are writing about your business and apply the ‘so what?’ rule.

Perhaps you manufacture widgets in lots of different sizes and can deliver within hours of an order being placed … what’s the ultimate benefit to the end user?  Possibly the fact that their project won’t be delayed?  Or they won’t have people standing around on site aimlessly waiting for a delivery?  Think about the benefits of what you do and stop peacocking!!

Have you rebranded?

If you’ve rebranded since last updating your website – you need an upgrade. Ensuring your website remains associated with the design of your brand is imperative. If visitors see differently designed pages and ancient logos within your website, they may lose trust in your service due to its inconsistency.

A redesign can be a long task but, is always worth it if it means you maintain a loyal customer base that can always rely on your website to provide all the information/ goods they need.

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