Exploiting New Year resolutions to get fit!

We were tasked by Duerr’s to help raise awareness of their high protein peanut butter brand, Hi-PRO. 

This sector of the market is extremely competitive, with a number of long-established, high profile brands dominating the category. 

In order to differentiate Hi-PRO, our strategy is to focus on its high protein content and target the health and fitness market as it is especially suited to people who train hard and is an ideal ingredient in pre and post workout recipes. With this in mind, we needed to get samples of it into peoples’ hands so they could try it for themselves.

We negotiated a 3-month campaign with Bestfit magazine, which has a circulation of 90,000 and is distributed across David Lloyd gyms for members to pick up.

8,000 sample sachets of Hi-PRO were cover mounted to the January issue of the magazine – prime time for New Year’s fitness resolutions and an influx of gym sign ups! 

In order to reach all of the Bestfit readership, we also secured full page advertisements (naturally created by our in-house design team) in three print and online issues, plus editorial which gave us an opportunity to explain more about the product and its benefits.

The campaign is ongoing, so watch this space for the full campaign results. In the meantime, if you feel motivated and fancy a sample, just let us know!