Digital transformation opinions earn thumbs up

We heard that freelance journalist Rob Waugh, one of Britain’s leading technology and science writers, was writing an in-depth feature for The Telegraph on digital transformation.

Digital progression is a subject about which our client Jenny Oldfield, CEO of Veritas Commercial Services, is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. Naturally, we approached Rob and pitched her as a suitable spokesperson, providing background details about her experience and credentials. He was keen to hear more.

Using Jenny’s erudite responses, we drafted responses that truly answered the journalist’s questions.  In fact, after reading the comments we submitted, he emailed us to say: “I quote your client extensively. Her comments were great – very useful and bang on for the piece.”

When the piece appeared, we were delighted that Jenny was quoted throughout and was also featured in a pull out quote with accompanying head shot.

With a phenomenal 24,886,000 unique browsers each month, The Telegraph is one of the leading, most trusted and credible British nationals.  It’s an ideal platform to raise the profile of Veritas, which provides high performance credit management to companies across a wide range of sectors.

Employing a large team of skilled, licensed and qualified individuals, the company is geographically spread, which is why it passionately advocates the use of digital technology.

Jenny was delighted to be featured and quoted alongside several high-profile names and maximised the associated kudos by sharing the article with colleagues, clients and across social media networks.  A link to it also now appears in Veritas email signatures – some clients ‘get’ the value of PR, the gift that keeps on giving!