Did you know? Impatient website visitors

Enticing the user within the first few moments of them landing on a website has never been harder, but it’s becoming more and more crucial. So, what can you do?

Relevant, short-form content is the key to retaining an audience. Think about it, if you see an article with 2000 words and an article with 200, which are you more likely to read?

But to keep the user on the page long enough for them to read the article? That’s the tricky part. There are some key factors that play a part in this:

  • How fast can your site run? Load times need to be as short as possible or you’ll already lose half your users.
  • Make it simple, not cluttered. We all make a judgement the first time we see something. And if your site has boxes, images and headers here, there and everywhere, what do you think the judgement will be?
  • Your site must be friendly, not just in content, but also in technical ability. Pages need to be easy to get to, clearly visible and easy to use on all devices, not just a computer.