Dealing with deals

We always love it when a professional services client comes to us with a corporate deal that we can profile using traditional b2b PR tactics to reach the audiences that matter to them.

When the commercial property partner at SAS Daniels called to tell us that they were about to complete a deal for a client in Crewe, our ears pricked up.  The client, Force Information Systems (FIS) Limited, had been acquired by a large Canadian company for an undisclosed sum.  We quickly set the wheels in motion to ensure SAS Daniels was at the centre of all the coverage on the deal. 

We prepared a press release detailing the deal, working with all the stakeholders involved, including the founder of Force Information Systems. In cases like this, we know that a good picture can make all the difference to the coverage that can be secured.  We wanted to act quickly to make sure our client was the first to break the news, so a photographer was briefed and booked. 

For SAS Daniels, which has four offices located across the North West, getting into the local business media is key.   Within hours of issuing the news, we were pleased to have secured the lead story in North West Business Insider and, with both titles sharing the story in their newsletter which is distributed to thousands of professionals in the region. It goes without saying that the news was also shared across SAS Daniels’ social channels.

Against an uncertain economic backdrop and with lots of negative articles hitting the headlines, it’s great to be able to share a positive news piece.  SAS Daniels is busy acting on a number of deals so watch this space as more coverage rolls in!