Our designers work with our team of account managers to produce a range of customer newsletters throughout the year. This month, the team worked with multi utility connections Aptus to produce the company’s latest customer newsletter, Connections.

Bolton headquartered Aptus designs, builds, installs and connects gas, electricity and water networks. The RMS team has now produced eight editions of Connections, which is sent to Aptus customers across the country.

The Connections project always starts with a planning session where we agree the content for the newsletter. Over the next few weeks, our team of content writers work with the experts at Aptus to pull together all the information required and the RMS team then set to work writing the articles. These typically include a mix of expert commentary and advice, alongside news from the company. In each edition, we also feature a business that works with Aptus – this time we highlighted Cable Services Limited which provides cable and electrical materials to all Aptus depots. This edition also had a special focus on awards with Aptus recently picking up a number of regional business accolades.

After writing all content and getting approval from Aptus, our design team then bring the articles to life using a range of stock imagery and company photography. Once design has been approved, the newsletter goes into our web department for distribution to Aptus’ clients. The final stage of the project is a report which details open rates and link clicks telling us which articles resonated most with recipients and informing content for the next edition.

We’d love to chat to you about how we’d approach writing, designing and distributing your customer newsletter.