Christmas Sandwich Review – Subway vs Bap

Subway ‘Christmas Sandwich’

I was in two minds to even write this review of Subway’s Christmas offering as, by the criteria we’ve laid out, Subway don’t actually ‘do’ a Christmas Sandwich but they do have enough in there for you to be able to make your own version, so that’s what has been done here.

Appearance – packaging and the sandwich itself – 2

Starting with the appearance and by now you should know what you get with Subway. For me it smells better than it looks, especially after it has been squished when it gets ‘toasted’ at which point it looks even less appealing.

Also, it’s clear that Subway are making a conscious effort to not ‘do’ Christmas and the half-hearted reference to the festive season on the sandwich wrapper in the form of a Christmas tree demonstrated this perfectly. I guess I was hoping for more of an effort but then I guess that’s Subway for you.

Taste – the important one – 2

I’m not really a fan of Subway if I’m honest and the fact that you can’t get some of the more traditional ‘Christmassy’ sandwich fillings at Subway immediately detracted from this sandwich. I mean, how hard would it be to add pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce and stuffing to the rosta of fillings? In any case I pushed on with my version which consisted of turkey, ham, ‘crispy’ Bacon (see – so dry it could be used for kindling) along with cheese, salad and some gherkins all wrapped up in the nine-grain bread.

As expected, it was all a bit of a mish mash, no particularly strong flavours of turkey, bacon or ham and all I can say is thank god for the gherkins. The bread was the usual mix of weird bits of sogginess and crispy toasted bits and to be honest this was really average. At least the footlong is a decent size!

Cost – Is it cheap? Good value for money? Etc Does it come as part of a deal? – 2

This is the other reason I don’t go to Subway. The six-inch sub isn’t enough for a growing lad like myself and the foot long, despite it being a hefty beast, is fapping expensive at almost six quid! And that’s before drinks or anything else. Throw in the fact that the flavour really isn’t anything to write home about and in my humble opinion this does not, in any way, represent value for money. In fact, if I could I’d probably ask for my money back.

In summary – Total Score – 6

In summary, this was not really a Christmas sandwich as what I had you could get every single day of the year (that they are open). Mix that in with paying six pounds for something that is pretty ropey, certainly not Christmassy and bloody expensive for what it is, and I can tell you now that I won’t be going back for another festive outing. In fact, after this I’d be surprised if I go back to Subway in 2020 at all!

Bap – Turkey, stuffing and cranberry

Appearance – packaging and the sandwich itself – 2/5

As to be expected, the packaging was always going to be underwhelming with this one. Bap have kept the same paper wrapping and brown paper bag without any nod to Christmas. The look of the sandwich was also very disappointing; small, anaemic and sad.

Taste – the important one – 2.5 / 5

If I’m honest, I sabotaged this sandwich from the get-go. When faced with the pressure of the bap queue I panicked, piling on my usual filling order of cheese, lettuce, peppers, olives and mayo. This, on top of Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing was… interesting.

Each bite was different, ranging from quite delicious to completely horrendous.

If judged on the Christmas element alone, I’d give it a 2.5 (ish), forgetting about my own overly excited dressings.

Cost – Is it cheap? Good value for money? Etc Does it come as part of a deal? 1.5/5

The measly “medium” came in at £3.80 which was very expensive considering the size of the sandwich. It wasn’t part of a deal either, which when coupled with a drink and bag of crisps took the whole lunch over the hallowed £5 mark.

In summary

Overall, a very average sandwich which left me hungry. Would definitely not have again and would urge anyone and everyone to avoid.