Cash for trash

Environmental consultancy APEM decided to do its bit by launching an initiative to help clean Britian’s rivers of plastic pollution. Astounded and upset by the sheer amount of plastic pollution in our waterways, APEM decided to do something about it.

Quite simply, they asked their field scientists to collect bags of rubbish when they were out collecting water samples and undertaking surveys near rivers.

It gets better. For every bag of litter collected, APEM made a £1 donation to Keep Britain Tidy. The initiative was a simple and effective way for APEM to contribute in saving Britain’s waterways.

APEM’s field scientists survey watercourses at over 100 locations across the country every year, providing opportunities to collect litter which would otherwise find its way into the sea and have a damaging effect on marine life.

The Cash for Trash initiative is still on-going and has created healthy competition internally at APEM as people vie to see who can collect the most.

On a less upbeat note, the feedback about the litter collected makes for sad reading. The top three items collected to-date are crisp packets, plastic bottles and carrier bags. Items which could easily be taken home and stuck in a bin!

So where do we fit in? Keen to spread the message about plastic pollution and get others involved, APEM asked us to publicise the initiative in the environmental trade press, which we were delighted to do.

Although a global consultancy with offices worldwide, APEM is based in Stockport so we were also able to spread the word in the north west regional press.