Calculating the cost of water wastage in the fashion industry

When a client manufactures a niche product in a global market, it is essential we do our research to understand their target audience, what topics ‘turn them on’ and which publications and portals they read.

Arvia Technology specializes in the treatment of wastewater and if you’ve been keeping abreast of the news recently, you’ll know that the textile industry is under huge pressure to become more responsible and sustainable in relation to environmental matters, including water usage. Put another way, the industry is in dire need of Arvia’s products and services.

With this in mind, we did our research and discovered that International Dyer and Finisher Magazine is the publication most read by senior decision makers in the textile manufacturing industry across Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.  

Publication identified, our next job was to pitch and write an article that the editor would run.  We decided to avoid ‘tub thumping’ and take a more constructive approach to the problem so wrote about how the industry can help protect the environment AND save costs using one of Arvia’s systems. You can read the piece on pages 42-43 here

As an aside, this is a topic most of us should know about, so do give it a read when you have five minutes.

Anyway, our work doesn’t stop when a piece of coverage comes in.  As usual, we exploited the article by using it as the basis for an e-shot, by posting select soundbites from it across social channels and featuring it on Arvia’s website.

Technical articles such as this tick many boxes – they help educate a target audience; they help establish our clients as experts in their field; they contribute to SEO; and ultimately, they lead to business enquiries.  Which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.