Are you for or against the changes to Instagram?

There has been a lot of debate at RMS HQ recently around the changes that Instagram has been undergoing. We’ve been discussing the pros and cons of the push towards video content and how the days of the perfectly curated grid, where each post was meticulously planned, seem a thing of the past. Instead, video content in the form of Reels is the way forward.

It has been common practice for brands to post in portrait size (4:5) instead of the traditional square size (1:1) for several months. This is due to the larger amount of ‘Instagram real estate’ that portrait posts take on the newsfeed. Essentially, this means that users can’t see another brand’s post until they scroll down, so all their attention is focused on one thing. The big question is whether Meta will change the Instagram post size to 9:16 (the size for Reels) in which case the push to video will be even stronger.

The other discussion point at RMS is the change to the newsfeed where it feels like users are seeing less content from people they follow and more recommended content and ads, primarily Reels.

However, with a push towards Reels, you’ll be pleased to know Instagram is taking steps to make the content creation process easier through its new ‘Reels Templates’ option. This isn’t available to all users just yet so don’t worry if you can’t see the feature in your account. The aim is to encourage more people to create these so it won’t be long before you have visibility. There are also signs that Instagram is testing a feature for music to be recommended for your Reel (we’re excited about this one)!

Whether you love or loathe the latest Instagram newsfeed, it’s an interesting space at the moment with plenty of changes to keep Social Media Managers on their toes.

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