A lifelong ambition realised thanks to MJF

“I’d love to see my designs on such a grand scale,” he thinks.

Fast forward to May 2019. The very same chap, now a time-served professional designer (who also happens to be featured in this month’s 1-minute interview), is walking through central Manchester. He’s gazing up in awe at the flags festooning the streets, heralding the arrival of the annual Manchester Jazz Festival. He’s taking photos of them because they all bear his designs.

A lifelong ambition realised!

In fact, the flags were just one part of a much bigger story. Having rebranded MJF last year, his designs were everywhere and featured on all the marketing collateral associated with the event (website, programme of events, advertisements, merchandise).

Which got us thinking.

Over the years, we’ve produced lots of fantastic work for conferences, exhibitions, seminars, awards ceremonies, networking and social events.

Whether its suggesting themes, names and branding for events; building dedicated websites and portals; producing compelling presentations; supplying promotional items; designing all support literature; inventing interactive ideas to engage audiences; and marketing the actual events themselves, we’ve done it all!

And loved it. So much so that we’ve decided to develop a package of services specifically for event organisers – whether event organisation is just one part of their day job or they’re full-time professionals.

If you know anyone who’s been tasked with running an event and they’d benefit from some tried and trusted support, please point them in our direction – we have a great set of credentials to evidence the quality of our work in this space.