A gif speaks a thousand words

In our on-going quest to introduce a younger audience to the joys of Duerr’s Marmalade, we secured the support of Kim-Joy, runner-up in the last series of The Great British Bake Off.

An epic baker, with a huge loyal fan base, Kim-Joy has created a number of recipes featuring marmalade which she is promoting via her various social channels. The first, Marmalade Swiss Roll, is delicious.

So what’s this got to do with gifs, we hear you ask?

Well, we decided to launch a teaser campaign ahead of the recipe launch to maximise impact, so created a series of animated graphics hinting at what was to come and driving intrigue from fans. Check them out here.

We unleashed the power of video for another of our FMCG clients this month, too. Having successfully launched Slush Puppie Pouches earlier this year, we realised there was a little confusion amongst consumers about how to prepare them (aka how long to defrost them before eating/drinking).

In order to educate and engage fans, we created a series of videos showing the extremes people might go to ‘crush their slush’, along with a simple message of how to create the perfect consistency at home. Check them out here.