2-minutes with Richard Benjamin, Director at Manchester Drinks Company Limited

What’s it like to be co-owner of Manchester Drinks?

I love my job, I get to sample alcohol, create exciting new flavours for our Gin & Spiced rum liqueurs and work alongside my business partner who is a lifelong friend!

What’s the biggest misconception about your role?

That I drink gin and rum all day long…

What’s your biggest work-related pet hate?

Buyers – need I say anymore?

What’s your proudest work achievement to-date?

When we started Manchester Drinks our aim was to try and get our brand on to supermarket shelves, we managed this first of all with Asda and things just went from strength to strength after that. Our products are now on supermarket shelves across the country and beyond.

What four words best describe the qualities your job requires?

Agility, creativity, negotiation and resilience.