2-minutes with Lisa Kerford, managing director, Aptus Utilities

1. What’s it like to be managing director at Aptus Utilities?

Challenging but very rewarding. I have a great team who want the company to be successful by delivering for our clients.

2. What’s the biggest misconception about your role?

Everybody thinks I’m busy all the time. In reality, I’m not and that’s because I need time to speak to people, review the bigger picture and generally understand how improvements can be made to make us even better.

3. What’s your biggest work-related pet hate?

Apart from dirty cups and spoons in the sink? Lack of ownership – it ultimately leads to poor service.

4. What’s your proudest work achievement to-date?

Being part of creating a company that enables young trainees to learn and grow into valuable members of the team.

5. What four words best describe the qualities your job requires?

Approachability, respectful, honest and effective.