2-minutes with Alan Phillips, Head of Administration at the International Inner Wheel

Alan Phillips

1. What’s it like to be Head of Administration at the IIW?

When you’re trying to keep a global women’s voluntary services organisation of 110,000 members ‘evolving’, there’s never a dull day, especially adopting to the technological changes necessitated by the pandemic!

2. What’s the biggest misconception about your role?

It’s certainly not as dry as it sounds. The role should probably be called factotum and involves everything from building office furniture to helping organise international conventions.

3. What’s your biggest work-related pet hate?

A lack of ‘customer care’ from the big banks.

4. What’s your proudest work achievement to-date?

Becoming the first male employee in the organisation’s 96-year history.

5. What four words best describe the qualities your job requires?

Patience, diplomacy, flexibility, humour.