1-minute interview

Ben Smith, senior account executive, gives us an insight into his life outside work in this quick-fire interview.

Where do you live?

I recently moved into a flat in Stretford so for the last month I’ve learnt how to put up curtain rails and get paint out of carpets.  

What hobbies and pastimes do you enjoy?

I’m really into music, both playing and listening. Luckily my group of mates share the same level of obsession so I’m always in good company.

Where do you like to eat?

Anything deep fried is usually a winner. My favourite at the moment is the Korean place in Streford Food Hall.  Would recommend to anyone who has an unhealthy habit of eating fried things.

What’s your favourite tipple?

Guinness, red wine and Baileys are the Holy Trifecta. Obviously not at the same time.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’ve recently got worryingly involved in crappy day time TV shows like Cash in the Attic and Salvage Hunters.

Do you have a cherished item?

Tough one, but it’d have to be an old watch my Dad gave to me.  Lots of happy memories attached to it.

Name one song you love.

The Beatles – Blackbird.

And a film.

A Place Beyond the Pines.