SEO copywriting and on-page optimisation

Campaign: SEO copywriting and on-page optimisation

The Brief

Garratts Solicitors tasked us with creating high-quality SEO content for their Personal Injury and Family Law departments to increase organic search traffic and generate more enquiries.






Conversion Rate



  • Established in 1982, Garratts Solicitors is one of the North West’s leading law firms. With six offices based in Manchester and Oldham, the firm offers expertise in Personal Injury, Family Law, Mental Health Review Tribunals and Criminal Litigation.
  • Having successfully rebranded their business with the help of RMS, Garratts then asked us to help them increase their organic search traffic and drive more leads through the website.
  • Our research revealed key areas of opportunity that led to the development of 50 SEO landing pages.
  • The content was crafted around keyword clusters and topics rather than individual keywords, all of which were fact-checked by Garratts solicitors to ensure users were presented with the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Over the course of 18 months, we wrote copy tailored to maximise visibility on search engine results and completed on-page optimisation for 37 landing pages targeted at customers seeking personal injury services and 19 landing pages dedicated to family law.

Since we began creating SEO content for Garratts Solicitors in April 2020, there has been an unprecedented rise in enquiries and impressions from organic search. 

Impressions for relevant keywords surpassed  10.2 million via organic search  alone, with enquiries through SEO increasing by a staggering 135%. 

With a conversion rate of 2%, organic search now accounts for an impressive 79% of all website traffic, and we’ve only just started – further plans are already underway to drive enquiries to the Criminal Law department.

“With Garratts Solicitors, we combined an effective rebrand, SEO copywriting and on-page optimisation to create an incredible success story. Enquiries rose by 135% and organic search is now the primary source of website traffic at 79%. 


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