First Capital Cashflow

Campaign: Direct Debit digital marketing

The Brief

Develop a digital marketing strategy consisting of SEO and PPC to drive traffic to our website and leads for our sales team.


increase in PPC conversions


decrease in CPA


increase in organic traffic

Multi-channel campaign

“The RMS team has been invaluable in helping resolve a number of our technical website issues as well as being able to continuously drive down our cost per acquisition from paid channels.”

The SEO strategy we implemented resulted in a consistent rise in organic traffic, with a year-on-year increase of 95% overall. First Capital Cashflow ranked across search engines for more key terms in higher positions than ever before.

People at all stages of the buying cycle were driven to the website as a result of our work, leading to a consistent flow of leads for their sales team and increased awareness of the brand in key target industries. Content created by our team consistently made up the most popular pages on the website, while links built improved authority in the eyes of search engines.

Our initial success in the SEO arena resulted in First Capital Cashflow entrusting their PPC account to our digital marketing team. Upon taking this over, our work ensured that the budget went further than ever before and adverts consistently hit relevant audiences, supporting the strong website growth we had already seen through SEO work.

With no increase in budget, we have increased leads through the PPC channel by 25% in just a few months whilst decreasing their cost per lead by 15% – resulting in a dramatic increase in ROI for the client.

First Capital Cashflow is a well-established company which allows small businesses to accept Direct Debit payments without requiring the involvement of their bank.

Following a rise in well-funded competitors, FCC came to us asking to regain their position as the go-to company in their industry and continue driving the growth of their business.

To start; we devised a complete SEO strategy designed to dramatically increase their online presence. Beginning with the technical aspects of the website, we made sure that their website was in tip-top shape and altered its structure to ensure search engines could crawl it quickly and efficiently.

We then focused on building out the website with unique, useful content and building links from authoritative sources, whilst keeping on top of all things technical.

The ongoing success of our SEO strategy resulted in First Capital Cashflow approaching us to help with their PPC activity in short order. We embraced the challenge and set to work improving an underperforming account.

Campaigns were cleaned up to enable budget to be used in the places that made a difference, new landing pages were created, and ad copy designed to drive clicks was written. Constant monitoring of all aspects of the account ensured that initial improvements were not only maintained, but that account performance continued on an upwards trajectory.

“They have become an integral part of our marketing efforts since Jan 2017, well before our acquisition by Bottomline Technologies in Oct 2017.”

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