We’ve launched a New Service… Into the Sky – Literally!

Whether you’re looking to raise your profile on social channels, or just add a bit more lift to your case studies, aerial footage could be the step up you need to get above your competitors.

Our drones are the perfect tool for capturing stunning footage in 4K Ultra HD from eye-level, right up to 400ft (120m). Couple that with our 3D motion tracked animations, and you’ve got your very own short film that will look ‘Big Budget’, delivered on a budget.

We offer a variety of levels of drone videography, from raw footage, to fully produced cinematic videos with music, effects, and animations. All our videos and animations are bespoke and produced in-house by our team here at RMS, so whatever your project, there’s a package to suit your requirements.

To discuss what we can do to elevate your projects, drop us an email or give us a call – we’d love to hear from you!