Warburtons conference calling

Taking place in Leeds, all members of senior management at Warburtons come together to discuss everything from strategy, plans and performance to ensure the business keeps on delivering.

Our job is to design and deliver all presentation visuals for every speaker across the two-day conference. For those of you that like numbers, that’s nine presentations with an average of 50 slides each working to a tight one-week deadline.

As with all corporate collateral its important that you fully understand the brand you’re working with and keep within its strict brand guidelines. However, same old same old just won’t do and each year we’re challenged to make our work even more appealing and different in order to keeping engaging the Warburtons staff.

The assigned project team ensured that the workflow was continuous so that the deadline was met.

With content and copy arriving at different intervals throughout the week, a thorough planning session was vital.

It’s safe to say that everything went according to plan (again) and the leadership team at Warburtons were very impressed (again).