Pareto Brochure

Corporate brochures are used by businesses in all sectors to showcase their range of products or services and clearly demonstrate to clients, or potential clients, the benefits of selecting you, rather than one of your competitors. Used by businesses in all sectors, and of all sizes, done correctly, they can be a highly effective form of marketing. 

We love writing, designing and producing corporate brochures for clients and give them our unique spin. It’s our firm opinion that no piece of design work should be run of the mill, whether we’re producing an advert for a billboard or a corporate brochure for a financial planning company, the collateral should always have the wow factor.

Pareto Financial Planning is a long-established, award-winning firm of Manchester-based independent financial planners with a fantastic reputation. Following a competitive pitch process, the business appointed us to overhaul its corporate brochure, which had not been updated for many years. 

On visiting the Pareto office for our initial planning meeting, we noted dramatic artwork on the walls, with a focus on Manchester and suggested using the work within the brochure. It transpired that the artist was a client of Pareto who was more than happy for his work to be featured. The size and layout of the brochure were carefully considered, and it was decided that an A4 document would set off the dramatic imagery and allow us to visualise complex information in infographic form, making it reader-friendly.

A common mistake of many businesses is spending time and effort on the design of their brochure but then cutting corners when it comes to print. The design team at RMS has built up a small number of preferred print companies that it selects for each print job, each specialising in a different print style.

Choosing paper that is too thin can completely leave the wrong impression, especially if your target market is affluent individuals. Similarly, the design team carefully consider the finish on every page to make sure it has the desired impact. With a professional design agency like RMS, you’ll be advised every step of the way so that the end product exceeds your expectations. Don’t be tempted to have a document beautifully designed and then ruin the impact by going with the cheapest quote from the printer up the road.

The design team at RMS has vast experience in designing corporate brochures for clients in all sectors. Fill in our online contact form, or call us on 0161 927 3131 today to see how we can help protect your brand.

Pareto Brochure